Team building

If you are bored of the traditional programmes and you want something new…The new generation of team building games.

– Escape  rooms, Clue finding games in the city, Game bases…….

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Birthdays, namedays

If you want to surprise your loved ones with an unforgettable memory, which you can also take part in…..then we made this for you.

With previous chat, we can hide any present for the celebrated one, which they will find during the game, with that the surprise will be bigger. After the game u can eat the cake with champagne or other drink in our private room. Contact us!

Bachelor party, Bridal shower

We can put anything in the game, like drinks, presents, rubber lady or anything else that can fit in our door. We will adjust the story based on the event! Contact us!

Class trip

Have an unforgettable memory with your class and teachers!

Gift card

We make the gift cards addressed for somebody!
Gift cards from 7.999 Ft
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