Gift Card

Buy an escape as a gift!

You don’t know what to gift for your loved ones? A sweater or a pair of gloves??!! Are you bored of traditional gifts? We can help!

Give them an experience!

Gift cards:

2 players: 7.999 Ft
3 players: 9.999 Ft
4 players: 11.999 Ft
5 players: 13.999 Ft
6 players: 14.999 Ft
7 players: 15.999 Ft
8 players: 16.999 Ft

We make the gift card addressed to the celebrated one, so please send us the name, the event (Christmas, Nameday, Birthday…) and the number of players here in message or in email! We will send the gift card and the data for the transfer in 24 hours in printable form via email. If you want to receive and pay for it in person, please let us know!

Our E-Mail Address:

You can use up the gift card for 12 months.

With previous chat, we can hide any present for the celebrated one, which they will find during the game, with that the surprise will be bigger.

If more people come than the gift card says, no problem. You will just have to pay the difference!

If you have a question feel free to call our telephone number: +3620/3564310
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how to buy a certificate?

by phone

choose the date and time

select the number of players

Buy an escape as a gift!