Game base

Entertaining, skill games

By reworking entertaining skill games and parts of extreme and everyday sports we created a completely unique team building game, where the main focus is on having fun together, encouraging each other and on teamwork. The teams can play on five different game bases in a rotating system. You have 10 minutes to complete the tasks, with a maximum of 10 players. So we can provide the 5 game bases at the same time for a maximum of 50 players.

We recommend the game bases as an indoor and an outdoor program! The game is completely mobile so we can settle anywhere in the country.

Play bases:

Fabricating a stretcher: special duct tape and adhesive tape is applied to fabricate a stretcher, but the length of the tapes is given. It is to be considered well how and what kind of stretcher is drafted and made. At the end it has to hold one person.

Minefield: on a surface of ca. 4×4 metres we place “mines”. Half of the team stands blindfolded at the start field. Everyone has got a pair whose task it is to navigate his team mate through the “mine field” without stepping onto a mine. After the first player starts others follow, one by one. At the end pairs change positions.

String-tracks: players stand in pairs face to face forming a circle. Each member of the pair holds in both hands a rope of 3-4 metres length with these forming a track. With the help of the track they have to pass on tennis balls into the pots which are positioned within the circle. Tennis balls have to roll on the track and at the proper moment pairs open the track so the balls fall into the pot.

Pillar builder: 12 pieces of ropes are hanging from a quadratic wooden plate. At the bottom of the quadratic wooden plate a special “hook” is positioned. With the help of this hook players have to mount the elements of a 2 metres tall pillar.

Changing places: on a field with a size of ca. 4×4 metres there are 4 rugs located, each with a size of 80×80 centimetres. Team is divided into two, players’ legs are Velcroed, like left leg of one player with the right leg of another player etc. Task is to reach one end of the field from the other end of the field in a way, they do not step outside of the quadrat, whilst they also have to pass each other.