Private escape room adventures

A game that requires creativity, problem solving, where you will need the players individually and the whole team together and they will need to use the creative side of their brain. It is mostly comparable to logical adventure games known from the world of computers and smartphones, where you have to complete a mission with various tasks, shifty mechanism and objects in 60 minutes for a specific goal. Crazy Garage is different from these games in that you have to work together as a team, since the game cannot be completed alone.

Here you can experience logic adventure games known from the world of computers and smartphones in reality: come with a team and try what it feels like to be able to operate a mechanism in reality like open a secret door in and everything else that you could only experience in virtual space until now. You can expect huge laughs, forehead slaps and excitement!

You won’t need lexical knowledge, just creativity and teamwork!



A New breed of
corporate team

We all want to be known as the “cool boss” … Well, here’s a perfect opportunity to claim your new title. Bring your team to Exit Game and boost morale while also learning valuable lessons in communication, organization, and critical thinking.

After you complete the room, you will receive a 10–15-minute analysis of your team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as individual player stats.

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Quest rooms for every taste!


Friends & Families

Experience the exciting adventure with your family and friends!

Hobby Detectives

You are a hobby detective yourself or have a very special idea for your date.


Are you bored and looking for new challenges?


Corporate event to build the team spirit in your company.
Bring your team together!

work together to solve
a series of riddles

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Impressions are the best gift!

The certificates are beautifully packaged and can become a great gift for a special person in your life. The certificate holder may book any room time within three months.

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