Long time ago, back in the dark middle-ages… in a very remote hidden place
deep in a small dark forest… a lumberjack found a treasure chest in
the hollow of a giant tree.

He quickly realized the value of this
treasure, so he kept it a secret and hid it in a cellar system so that
when the time came, his descendants would inherit it – but he
suddenly died and the chest was forgotten.

But now it has resurfaced!

It was found by a research group in a
long-forgotten part of the secret catacombs.

The precious chest is
being guarded carefully until the museum security gets here to take it
away. But you heard about the whereabouts of the treasure and decided to
get to it before them. You have one hour until the security arrives to take the chest.

Will you be able to steal it and disappear from the scene in one hour..?

June 2024
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