2-8 persons
60 min
9400 Sopron, Mező utca 10.

The goal of the game is to steal your father’s Porsche from hisvacation home for a couple of days, because you guys want to go to the beach to throw a party. The best car for this is a Porsche Cabrio.  But the task is not so simple, while it is easy to get into the bungalow as you have the keys, but it will be more difficult to break into the garage and other rooms than you realize. Not to mention, when you have got into the garage, you’ll realize you’ll have to work hard for the party and the game is just getting started, so you’ll still need to put your creative brain to work. You will have 60 minutes for this, because the “friendly” neighborswill notice the strange noises in the house, and call the cops.

May 2024
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